We realize that when you are planning to buy or improve a cleanroom, you are in need of expert information about very specific details. That is why we provide you with ZIP files that you can download and use on a variety of different topics, such as protocol, guidelines, news about our 15th anniversary, and our Mission Statement. Choose the files that are of particular interest to you on:

Cleanroom Equivalents Chart

A tabulated comparison and reference guide for understanding what cleanroom classifications mean and how they compare to other & older standards.
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Cleanroom Protocol

A published white paper that walks the reader through the whys and the wherefores of good cleanroom practices and protocol.
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Cleanroom Do’s & Don’ts

A useful poster that highlights key cleanroom protocols that can be printed out and posted in or near the entrance of a cleanroom.
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Used Cleanroom Guidelines

Looking for a used cleanroom? This insightful white paper addresses a number of key aspects to look for when evaluating the condition and usefulness of an existing cleanroom that you may be looking to relocate and/or repurpose.
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Control of Static Electricity

A basic discussion on static electricity, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrostatic particle attractions (ESA) and how to detect and control them.
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Gibo/Kodama Build-A-Chair Worksheet

A multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank worksheet that helps the user select the proper size and ergonomic features of Gibo/Kodama cleanroom and laboratory task chairs and stools.
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Mission Statement

Read about RPA Cleanroom Products’ philosophies and business practices. We set a high standard of good business practices for ourselves, and we hold all our equipment suppliers to them as well.
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A fun filled fact sheet is available on the headline making events that were occurring when RPA Products was founded, almost 25 years ago.
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Use our handy reference files to improve cleanroom practices at your operation. We are more than happy to provide you with additional information, as well as sales and service of cleanrooms, suitable furniture, and equipment.

For information on cleanrooms, contact us today. We offer downloadable ZIP files that provide you with lots of useful information. Our cleanroom product sales company serves Corona, CA, and Southern California.