Partner with us for the specialized cleanroom furniture and equipment you require for efficient operations and welcome success. We connect you to the cleanroom builders, as well as manufacturers that make the furnishings to fill that space. With all the right equipment, your controlled environment functions exactly as it should.

Our company successfully has been representing the leading manufacturers in this industry for more than 20 years and can find you exactly what you need. From our experience, these companies provide the highest quality in products, services, and support:


Accuposture® Systems, Ltd.: Workstations and Countertops

Increase productivity by supplying your employees with quality, adjustable work surfaces. This manufacturer specializes in designing highly ergonomic and comfortable workstations and countertops that employees can adjust, depending on their needs. Accuposture products are particularly popular with our customers in laboratories, hospitals, and factories.
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AS/PT: Air Showers and Pass Thrus

Keep the cleanroom clean and confine contamination with the use of air showers and pass thrus. Air showers are typically for people, while pass thrus are used for parts and materials. The cleanroom is sealed off when you enter an air shower and step into an airlock. While inside an air shower, you and your protective gear are scrubbed of any surface particles. Pass thrus provide a safe airlock to transfer parts and materials into a cleanroom.
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HEPAir & AdvancAir: Modular Environmental Control Units

This company builds modular HVAC systems to your exact specifications, packing performance and capacity into a very small unit. These are optimal for modular cleanrooms and OEM equipment environmental control. These units precisely control air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure.
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CLiMET Instruments: Airborne Particle Counters

For highly-effective instrumentation to monitor your cleanrooms, count on CLiMET. This firm makes laser particle counters and sensors that come with optional Ethernet compatibility, as well as microbial air samplers and high pressure diffusers. Their broad product offering will assure you of the right instrument choice for your critical monitoring applications.
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Eagle MHC Products: Cleanroom Equipment

Meeting a variety of needs, Eagle Group® offers everything from shelves to countertops to workstations for a cleanroom; storage bins and carts for health care; and rolling racks and carts for material handling. The company’s products are particularly well made due to its use of the latest CAD design, automated manufacturing, and streamlined production.
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Gibo/Kodama Chairs: Ergonomic Seating

Cleanrooms make high demands of chairs, stools, and benches. They require ergonomic designs for the comfort and productivity of workers who sit on them for long hours each day, as well as ease of cleaning to meet stringent standards in a controlled environment. This company also makes chairs for the office and conference room, as well as executive seating.

See the Downloadable Files page for a useful Build-A-Chair worksheet.
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ICOM Mechanical®: Cleanroom Design/Build

Expect turnkey solutions to your rigorous requirements for cleanrooms from this innovative mechanical and building contractor. ICOM employs advanced technology in project management and construction, and building information modeling. ICOM also uses TSI’s integrated software for budgeting, estimating, and design. Depend on this company for excellence in service throughout your project, from design to fabrication to installation of systems.
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NTA Industries

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Furnishings, Standard and Custom Designs, for the New Millennium. Rugged stainless steel cleanroom furniture in your choice of electropolished or brushed finishes. Ergonomic PWRCLN Tables and custom design work available. All made in the USA.
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Palbam Class

Palbam™ Class: Cleanroom Furniture and Equipment

Palbam delivers quality and durability in all of its cleanroom products. Find the perfect stainless steel tables, benches, and cabinets, as well as specialized pieces, such as dispensers and gowning benches & racks. Make use of this manufacturer for carts, stepladders and other useful utility items in the cleanroom and laboratory. Custom design and fabrication services are available.
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RDM Industrial Products: Cleanroom Furniture

Furnish your cleanroom with workbenches, shelving, cabinets, and counters from this manufacturer, who has been in the industry for nearly 40 years. RDM’s specialty is that they make tables with adjustable heights and workstations with HEPA filtration. In addition, you have a choice of quality ergonomic solutions, such as flat screen monitor stands, footrests, and keyboard holders.
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Simplex Isolation Systems

Modular cleanrooms, data centers, walls & curtain systems, and strip doors. Creating and protecting critical environments for over 35 years. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
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Sullivan, Bazinet, Bongio, inc.

Tomorrow’s Technology. Today’s Cleanroom. Advanced Cleanroom & Air Handler Design and Fabrication.
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South Coast Enterprises: Cleanroom Furnishings

This company manufactures cabinets, carts, tables, and shelving that are tough enough to withstand the demands of a cleanroom. Choose from cabinets made of painted and stainless steel to store flammable liquids, to those made of plastic polypropylene that resist acid and corrosive chemicals. They make safe and strong custom furniture, too.
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Technical Air Products: Cleanrooms and Components

Let this manufacturer supply you with modular cleanrooms that have soft or rigid walls. Once your company makes that decision, it is time to choose ducted or motorized filter modules, lighting, and ceiling grids. And, to keep you cleanroom clean, they provide well-made curtains and pass thrus.
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