Tomorrow’s technology. Today’s Cleanroom. Our sales company offers state-of-the-art Cleanroom design, construction, furniture, and equipment. Our professional organization represents Cleanroom companies of high standards with strong emphases on product quality and customer support.

Cleanroom Products and Support

Depend on us as Southern California’s premier source for modular and turnkey cleanrooms. Design and build a highly efficient cleanroom and fill it with the high-tech equipment and furnishings that pass the toughest standards for cleanroom compatibility, durability and reliability, as well as environmental monitoring.

Find what you need to build and furnish or improve your cleanroom on this website. When you are searching for the most accurate particle counters, the best HVAC systems to control the environment, and the most suitable furniture for productivity and cleanliness, turn to our Products page for assistance.

In addition, we offer you useful information on the benefits and features of Cleanrooms. For example, there is an article about Cleanroom Protocol and Procedures on our Downloadable Files page, and you can find information on budgeting and electropolishing on our Publications page.

Our greatest strength is in our relationships with our customers and principals. We believe it is far more important to develop, build upon, and reinforce a relationship than it is to make a sale that does not meet the highest possible standards.

Contact us today for resources in building and furnishing cleanrooms. We provide services in Corona, CA, and throughout Southern California.