Cleanroom standards can be tough to meet. That is why we offer you pertinent answers to your questions. We back up our answers with more than 20 years of experience in cleanroom sales and service.


What is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom is any enclosed and controlled area where the internal environment is maintained at a cleanliness level, which is constant and better than its surrounding or ambient area.


What does a cleanroom’s classification mean?

Cleanrooms are classified by the allowable size and quantities of particles within a given volume of cleanroom air. For instance, a Class 10,000 Cleanroom can have no more than 10,000 1/2 micron-sized particles within a cubic foot of cleanroom air; whereas a Class 10 Cleanroom can have no more than 10 1/2 micron, or 350 1/10 micron-sized particles within a cubic foot of cleanroom air.

To put this all into perspective, a micron is 1 millionth of a meter and a typical office environment can have 1,000,000 or more micron-sized particles within a cubic foot of its air!

ISO 14644 has further refined cleanroom standards. For a complete chart of Cleanroom Equivalents, visit our Downloadable Files page for our Basic Cleanroom Design Rules and Equivalents chart.


Do I need special furniture in a cleanroom?

Since a cleanroom is a controlled environment, the furnishings put into the cleanroom should not degrade the environment. The tables, racks, benches, carts, seating, etc., should all be compatible with the cleanroom environment, i.e., they should be cleanroom-rated.

A common mistake made is placing wooden tables or fabric chairs in a cleanroom. Both wood and fabric are very porous and cannot be wiped down sufficiently to remain particle neutral (non-particulate generating) in a cleanroom environment. Standard paper products and lead pencils can be another source of cleanroom contamination. Reference Cleanroom Protocol from our Downloadable Files page for more information on this subject.

Cleanroom Garments & Procedures

Why do I need to wear special garments and follow certain procedures when in a cleanroom?

The special cleanroom garments selected by your cleanroom manager or administrator, and the procedures that they recommend are all intended to protect the cleanroom’s controlled environment from the disruptions of human activity. Follow all gowning procedures and recommended practices whenever working in or around a cleanroom. Eventually they will become second nature to you. Please download the white paper entitled “Cleanroom Protocol” for more information on this subject.

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